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Soooo, for those who survived last year, hi. How're your internal organs ?

Never been a big fan of new resolutions, so let's just say that I'll try to create more and better stuff and get a constant job.

Now, for a semblance of planning here on DA :

:iconchar-designchallenge: january's session to start the year with 30 fresh drawings. It starts tonight ~
:iconcorporate-ladder-oct: will be a thing and I'll be judging. Join if you like suits and ties !
:iconstaroct: got 98% of my hype and attention, will probably punction the same proportion of energy when it'll start next summer.

Also still working sometimes on a top secret project with others deviants. It's starting to move.
I'll close commissions soon, the last ones I got are kinda big, so I won't get much more rooms to disperse.

Guess that's all for myself !
I wish you people the best stuff possible for 2017 ! Take care, make stuff and give a proper value to the things that matters to you. 

Seeya ! :Y
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Howdy Deviants ?

Since I will have a bit more time to make stuff I was thinking about trying to take small commissions. It seems the stuff some of you were the most interested were my tiny pixels. Lucky me, that belongs to the few things I can do relatively quickly.
I've never done commission sheets, that's a bit new to me, but here we go !

Holy shrimps, pictures in journal works. So, uh... was it clear ? :I
I do use paypal btw. Don't hesitate if you have questions, or even advices.

Oh, and here you can take a peek at the old ones I've done : LINK  

Since it's a try I'll let 10 slots open. Obviously you can ask for someone else character if you want to make a tiny gift.


- StayBuried (x2)
- Raxion (x5)
- Serbanghita (x?)
- Gut-Funk (x4)
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...but I think it was about giving facts about characters. From :iconthe-salt-islands-oct:.
If I recall, I've been asked 8 facts on Gordon by :iconladyofthedragons: and 8 facts about Gordon and Sylvia by :iconkristadlee:.
...That's a lot of facts about Gordon, here. Let's try to give 8 facts for each of these dorks, and then some random facts about my TSI entry, shall we ?


 Bullet; Yellow Gordon - The holy Grump Bullet; Yellow 

- At first Gordon wasn't supposed to be a character taking part to the hunt, but just a monitor responsible for ensuring that Sylvia don't go berserk and kill any innocent citizen. As starting the audition his cagey and grumpy behavior amused me enough to rise him as a protagonist. Though I still feel like He didn't got enough spotlight compared to that little vampire, making him a sidekick. This could have been different if I had chose a different story route for my rounds, tho. I'll get back to those possibilities later.

- Also, I chose to pick that kind of character because of the first premise of Salt Islands, that was saying the main bounty was given by the pope himself. Taking a priest took sense for me. Welp, despite the fact that I had a promiscuous Christian education I know very few about the Church, but I thought it could be interesting to oppose him with that nooby vampire.

- He never had a strong faith in God. His interest for the church was firstly motivated by the simplified access to knowledge it could provide to him.  but being a strong agnostic, he obviously missed his vocation as a researcher.

- Despite that, he managed to respect his oaths as a priest, so as a rough half of TSI contestants already asked, yes he's virgin. And no, do not make that Hellsing fanfiction.

- The traits under his eyes are not dark circles, but marks made by the gift he received. Morgana also had these.

- I really should have made him speak in archaic/Shakespearian english when using his voice from above.

- *Spoilerz* yep, he really died between round 2 and 3. Though I admit it can be funny to use various tropes and deus ex machina to save dying characters, I also really like the fact that anyone can die in a story. I think that's the first time I did it with a non-secondary/extra character in a comic I drew. It was frustrating, since there was a bunch of other things I would've liked to experience with him. But the fact that this OCT had only 4 rounds pushed me for it.

- I really enjoyed the fact that his power was randomly effective on people, leaving the choice to my opponents and see who they'd decide to be sensitive or resistant to it was pretty fun !

Bullet; Red Sylvia - The awkward leech Bullet; Red 

- I created Sylvia years ago, she was supposed to be an NPC for an interactive comic competition. A bit like an OCT, but the thing was that I was drawing all of it. Needless to say that the crazy project ended before page 10. She looked more mature back then, had sneakers and a pullover. Her main -if not only- trait was that she was trying to suppress her blood addiction with a coffee based one. Kept that for TSI. Added drama to it. But the scene was deleted because time is a thing.

- Vampires are often highlighted with strong physical or psychical abilities. I tried to focus Sylvia on a more social axis, so yeah, her most advanced perk before drinking Anthony's blood was to talk with bats to gather information.

- Speaking of blood consumption, I had set the tacit rule that each time she drank human's blood, she'll unlock a new vampire perk. Next after bat morphing would probably have been flight and shadow merging, maybe mist too. In my improvised vampire lore, raw meat is enough to feed a vampire, unspecific blood allow them to cicatrize and regenerate, and human blood makes them stronger.

- I'm sometime trying to find musical themes for my OCT characters. Though I totally failed to find one for Gordon, this one would totally fit for Sylvia : ~Link~

- I really sucked to put forward her weakness to sun, due to time constraints. A shame, I think that's a neat thing to cope with when you try using a vampire.

- I learned later a funny thing in vampires folklore : They often can't enter in a house if they are uninvited. This could have make some hilarious scene.

- The main link between Sylvia and Gordon was that he had unconsciously created the murderer of her parents. By ordering Rassel to "go to hell". Strongly convinced that Hell didn't exist, the guy tried to turn his surroundings in an improvised hell, to get a compromise with the command that haunt him and drives him crazy. Best way he could do that was to bring legions of monsters down to Earth, and to do so, making newborns vampires.

Bullet; Blue Other random thingz Bullet; Blue 

- You were more than one to think that Fofo could have been a bad guy, or even Rassel himself. I find it hilarious to think about him as a villain now. But nah, he is just a bit gawky. x)

- Gordon's ghostly visions of Morgana due to alcohol/weaning are freely inspired of the absinth's green fairy.

- Rassel means maracasses in german. I think it fits well with that dude, especially since Gordon toasted his brain with an impossible command.

- Pietro could have been my third character. But I kinda liked the feeling to let the shady character slightly out of the team, at least for a time.

- I had planned different routes for my plot, in which characters could die or not. My two most ridiculous options were to get Gordon turned into a vampire by accident, or to have Sylvia being attacked by the Death's spirit, losing what's left of her soul and becoming Gordon's spiritless puppet. That last one would have been even more depressing than killing someone, I think.

- The blue flames caused by salt on undead skin is obviously a reference to Castlevania's holy water.

- Gordon's main in street fighter series would totally be Guile.

- If I had to allot RPG-like elements to my main characters from TSI, Gordon would be darkness, Pietro would be light and Sylvia water.

- The easily-afraid religious man in the audition and first round introduction was my only try to include an actual person in my story. His name was Luigi Bignami and he was archbishop of Syracuse when The Salt Islands would have take place. Here, have a pic : ~Link~

Since he was called Luigi, The mandatory name of his moustached interlocutor was Mario. Yes; I'm that hopeless.


- What else could I say ? Despite the terrible schedule I've been through that was quite fun ! Enjoyed it as much as Walking City, in a different way. I'll write something about my experiences on these two first OCT of mine, someday ! I grew a bit attached to those characters, tho. Maybe one day I'll try to reboot their story, without TSI elements. I think a black'n'white manga-like format could be good with them…

Oh, and I'm supposed to tag someone now.
How about you ? Yes, you. Pick some characters and do the thing.


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Kinda failed to finish my 3rd round for :iconthe-salt-islands-oct: , unfortunately. School and health were stronger on this one. 
Anyhow, I eventually managed to produce something in time where the whole thing is outlined, out there :…

Most illustrations are not done and I didn't do any proof reading, especially for the times and conjugations where I'm often awful. If you can't stand it google docs is kinda well made and you can suggest edits in the comments, I'd be grateful and correct asap.

I've started to make some deviantart transcription, it's looking better but it's taking time and I'm still having some school finals, so there's no chances I make it before the judging process is made. Guess that's a good thing, it's really time that the judges realises that I'm not able to make someting without systematically dropping quality. x')

It the google docs thing is too poorly presented for you, oh how I understand your feeling, you can wait but there's no guarantee that I finish the transcription. On the bright side, if you haven't yet, you can go read my opponent's round, in which there is a lot of claws slashing things :  tSI: Round 3 Pt 1 by PokeLucario :iconpokelucario:, you did great gurl ! :y

I think I'll make a review on Walking city and Salt Islands when the last will be over. These two tourneys and the OCT experience in general have been quite a thing during this last year, I might have things to say about them.

I'm not looking to join another OCT at the moment. I'll need a break to focus on some too long delayed projects, and also because I might've become a bit picky. I'm still following the new OCTs premises, but so far there is none that have catched my heart like WC or TSI...  I'm almost sure that'll happen again though. And there's a good chance that I'll try to make a collab for these again.

See you later ! Take care !
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Je suis jamais allé à ce festival, cette année ça a l'air d'être l'occasion d'y passer au moins une journée.
Petit journal du coup, pour demander : Ya des déviants qui pensent passer sur Angoulême ce weekend ?
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Happy new year ! :y

Sorry for being half dead in here, focusing of school and OCT. School should calm down in a few days. OCT won't.

Seems like I won my first and second rounds even if I went a bit maverick on the last one. And I might play a little with the rules this time again. Sorry~

So, expect more awkward vampire and grumpy priest for the next updates ! (okay, maybe not more grumpy priest, hahahahaaaeeh...*kef kof*)

I hope you're all doing well, let us show 2016 what we're made of !
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- Cause I'm not in Malaysia anymore. Moved to another region of France, not too far away from La Rochelle.

- Cause I've been selected for :iconthe-salt-islands-oct:, being against Kirrw, the almighty god tier obliterator of this tourney. Can't promise I'll last long, but I'll do my best !

- Cause I've finished my old silly rpg maker demo I had started more than 3 years ago, broke the hiatus last month. Here's the thing :… (probably still some bugs and unbalanced things, but it should be finishable ~ )
My apologies to english speakers, it's in french. I'll likely switch for english if I make games again after that. :I

Guess that's all for now ! Take care and see you soon ! Maybe ! c:
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I'm going for a few months to an internship in Malaysia with a few other students. I don't really know when I'll be able to connect myself again so I'll probably de off from deviantart for a little time.

Don't know if I'll be able to work on my :iconthe-salt-islands-oct: audition, I hope so but can't promise anything. :I

Anyway, see you later peeps ! Take care !
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Yep, we ran out of luck but it was a hell of a great ride ! I'm still surprised we were able to be selected for this huge thing and even being able to win a round for our first trial ever ! And it was rewarding for the time I've invested in it : I've learned a few tricks in storytelling & time management, and made the acquaintance of a bunch of cool people. The OCT community looks quite passionate and funny !

I've also discovered a great partner during this ! :iconmel-de-ly:, it was a true pleasure ! I hope our collaboration didn't traumatized you too much, because now that I know what you're capable off, you are absolutly not immune against another collab proposition in the future ! x)

But anyway, right now I feel like I'm quite tired about all of this pressure and I guess it will take a while before I try something like this again...


...Nah, just kidding, I'm gonna rush myself into the auditions of another tournament during the next months, because I'm a freaking idiot. 8D

So goodbye :iconwalkingcityoct: (though I'll stay tunned to see the next rounds development and I'll probably make a few more fanarts) and hello :iconthe-salt-islands-oct: !
This one takes place into a much more realistic setting, in a small equatorial archipelago during the early 20th century. There is still room for supernatural features, which allows a nice witch-hunting context !

I think I'll try this one alone, because I want to see if I'm able to take part in these projects all by myself, and also because the framework I chosen is already quite fixed. We'll see if I manage to make in it !

I guess that's all I had to say ! I still have to create a paypal account for trying to start making commissions, but I'm a lazy potato when it comes to banker approach. Hopefully the time I motivate my butt to do that I'll improve myself into pixel art and drawing.

See you in a few weeks, folks ! Please take care and make cool stuff !
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Remember :iconwalkingcityoct: ? Well :iconmel-de-ly: and I just won our first round ! D8

If you have already read it I hope you enjoyed it, because we did enjoy to draw it !

It was a close game, :iconstarmonyii: had really set the bar high with her round, I think at one moment she even have used my character better than I did ! But the judges have decided... So yeah. Now we go for round two ! And our new opponent is probably the worse overkill on which we could fall ! XD

I nammed : :iconzeurel:, almighty lord of Poontah and Sodar ! (oh, and professional animator who kick ass, also that.)
Anyway, I'm sure we will both do our best for this match to be memorable ! So stay tuned and see you in one month folkes ! 
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Me and :iconmel-de-ly: have tried a few months ago to take part in some kind of drawing and storytelling tournament (OCT for purists) which looked pretty cool. We did the auditions and, despite our lack of experience and by breaking all the laws of thermodinamic, we've been selected among nearly 200 people. So here we are, two tremulous frenchies outsiders ! D:

You can see the roster here : R1 Matchups
All of the contestants are deadly drawing-machines with dozen of arms who never sleep powered by caffeine and extraterestrial substances, that's a bit intimidating !

I also hope that there'll be a bunch of entries from the spectators !

For now, we have one month to draw what could happen in our first round. Our opponent will do the same, and in the end, the judges will chose the better version and the winner will continue for round 2. That's how it works !

Anyway, we'll do our best, so see you in a month !


Il y a quelques mois, :iconmel-de-ly: et moi avons essayés de participer à une sorte de tournois de dessin et de narration (OCT pour les puristes) qui avait l'air carrément chouette. On a passé l'audition et, en dépit de notre cruel manque d'expérience dans le milieu et contre toutes les lois de la thermodynamique, on a été sélectionnés parmi les quelques 200 personnes qui tentaient le coup. Nous voilà donc, deux petits outsiders français tremblotants ! D:

Vous pouvez voir les compétiteurs et la configuration du premier round ici : R1 Matchups
Tous les autres participants sont de terribles machines à dessiner armées de douzaines de bras qui ne dorment jamais, carburant à la caféine et grâce à des substances extraterrestres connues d'eux seuls. C'est un peu intimidant.

J'espère aussi que ceux qui n'ont pas été retenus participeront quand même en tant que compétitieurs non-officiels !

Du coup, là on a un mois pour dessiner ce qui pourrait se passer dans notre premier round. Notre adversaire va en faire de même, et à la fin les juges choisiront la meilleure version et le vainqueur pourra continuer au round 2, etc. Voilà comment ça marchera !

On va faire de notre mieux en tout cas, on se retrouve dans un mois !
Salut les déviants, c'était juste pour vous dire que le compte de :iconthelongblondhair: a récemment été supprimé parce qu'il s'est coupé les cheveux et que donc son pseudo était devenu mensonger.


Oui non ok je déconne. Plus sérieusement il s'est juste pris une suspension d'un mois parce que sur certains de ses dessins on voit du boobs sans filtre mature content. Donc pas d'inquiétude, normalement tout devrait rentrer dans l'ordre et dans un mois il pourra reprendre son activité parmi nous. Ce qui sera fort cool, ne le niez pas.

J'ai transmis le message vu qu'on a pas mal de viewers en commun il me semble. Hésitez pas à vous passer le mot entre vous si vous pensez que ça peut prévenir une vague de suicide chez ses watchers.

Voilà voilà, portez-vous bien et créez plein de trucs !

I did a little stupid game, if you want to try it :…

The files are supposed to go in program files, then you must click on the orange circle thing to launch the game.

Arrow keys to move and push blocks, space key to interract (open/close door, use teleports...)

If you manage to reach the exit, note the word between parenthesis. If you are the first to tell me that word (included facebook competitors) I'll draw a little thing for you.


J'ai fais un nouveau petit jeu à la con, si ça vous dit de tenter :…

Le dossier se télécharge dans vos program files, il faut cliquer sur l'icone qui ressemble à une roue orange pour lancer le jeu.

Pour les contrôles c'est tout bête : flèches du clavier pour se déplacer et pousser les blocs, touche espace pour agir avec le reste (ouvrir fermer les portes, utiliser les téléporteurs, etc)

Le premier ou la première assez maso qui atteindra la sortie aura le droit à un petit dessin. Il suffira de me donner le mot de passe qui s'affiche entre parenthèse lorsque vous avez fini le jeu. Sachant que quelqu'un peut trouver avant vous sur facebook. Mouahaha.

Voili voilou.
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Bon voilà la raison de ma petite absence, j'ai essayé de faire des trucs sur un vieux logiciel de création de jeu vidéo.

Donc voilà une petite démo pour tester si ça marche chez vous. Ca dure un quart d'heure et il y a peut être encore des bugs ou des déséquilibres, les explications sont foireuses surtout si vous ne connaissez pas le genre.

Voilà les liens pour essayer de l'installer……

(le premier a l'air mieux)

L'installeur SRPGEXEC.exe devrait se retrouver dans programme file de votre disque dur.

Si vous avez un peu de temps vous pouvez faire la chasse aux bugs.

Les trucs déjà connus :

- Parfois les textes sortent des bulles.
- Les coups critiques déclenchent des flashs de couleurs absolument ignobles
- Il est possible que le jeu se lance en noir et blanc.
- Il est possible que le jeu se lance pas du tout.

Concernant les 2 derniers problèmes merci de préciser à peu près le type d'ordi et de système d'exploitation que vous avez.

Voili voilou !
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Pensez-vous que je doive poster mes brouillons/recherches dans mon scrapbook ? Pour ma part j'aime pas trop le système de division de deviantart, dans ma galerie les contenus de "browse" et "featured" sont rigoureusement les mêmes, c'est dire. Honnêtement, quand vous watchez quelqu'un, vous cochez la case scraps ?

A part cette interrogation existentielle, je vous rappelle qu'il reste une place pour le petit concours visant à trouver l'anagramme caché derrière Vanessa Rocslate (journal précédent)

D'ailleurs voici un petit indice : l'anagramme correspondant est lui aussi en plusieurs mots.


Should I post some roughs in my scrapbook ? Do you check this folder in the galleries you follow ?

By the way, I remind you the fact than there is still a place for the little contest about Vanessa Rocslate (previous journal) also, here's a hint : the anagram you must find is also made of several words.
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Vanessa Rocslate est un anagramme dont je suis assez content.

Je compte dessiner le personnage que j'ai nommé ainsi dans quelque temps.

Donc si quelqu'un arrive à trouver avec quoi ce nom fait un anagramme je lui ferais un dessin de son choix en y incluant ce personnage.

/!\ Si vous pensez avoir trouvé merci de m'envoyer votre réponse dans une note, si vous commentez ici la bonne réponse il ne pourra pas y avoir de 3ème place ! /!\

edit 2 : :iconsiegurn: et :iconfiresis: ont déjà trouvé, c'était un peu rapide donc je propose une troisième place. Le dessin sera une composition de vos 3 requêtes. ^^


Vanessa Rocslate is an anagram of which I'm pretty happy.

I intend to draw the character I have named like this, one day.

So if anyone happens to find out the french anagram behind this name I would draw something from his/her choice while including this character.

/!\ If you find it please send me a note, if you post the answer in the comments there will not be a 3rd place ! /!\

edit : well :iconsiegurn: and :iconfiresis: found it, but since it was very quick there will be a 3rd place. The drawing will be a composition for the 3 of yours. ^^
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Bon ben vous avec loupé votre dessin gratuit.

C'est bête parce que c'est moi qui l'ai gagné. Sans faire exprès en plus !…

Vu que je viens de m'auto-kiribaner la gueule je propose que ce soit vous qui m'offriez tous un dessin. Non ?

Bon la prochaine fois je préviendrais un peu plus à l'avance, et j'autoriserais une marge d'erreur. Mais vous avez le temps avant les 20000.

Au fait ! Pour ceux qui ne savent pas encore j'ai recommencé un blog, même que parfois j'y poste des trucs !  je-suis-une-fougere.blogspot.f…

Sur ce, dessinez/écrivez/animez bien ! :D
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=  Français  =

J'ai découvert récemment le concept de kiriban, et j'aimerais bien essayer pour voir.
Donc si quelqu'un tombe sur mon profil et voit qu'il m'a fait ma 11111ème pageview, qu'il m'envoie une capture d'écran, je lui ferais un petit crayonné de son choix ! (vous attendez pas à un chef d'oeuvre, c'est juste pour le fun)

Et si personne relève le truc bah... faudra attendre d'atteindre 20000 ! :D

=  English  =

I recently discovered the concept of kiriban and I'd like to try it.
So if you go on my profile and see that you made ​​my 11111th pageview, please send me a screenshot, I'll do a little sketch of your choice! (not expect a masterpiece, it's just for fun)

And if nobody is aware enough ...well mayby for the 20,000 pageviews ! :D
Rien de nouveau dans ce journal, juste un récapitulatif de mes projets qui tentent de survivre dans ma tête. Cela devrait m'aider à faire le point et à en informer certains.

--Je suis une fougère !--

format : site/blog…!
avancement : récemment repris, risque de subir une nouvelle pause à cause des révisions
topo : C'est sensé être un fourre-tout mais pour le moment je n'y met rien. Changement d'hébergeur à prévoir.

--Kouyou Island--

format : turbomédia sur le site…
avancement : au point mort, nouveau mode de narration en expérimentation : BD numérique non séquentielle (turbomédia) ne reprendra pas concrètement avant plusieurs mois.
topo : projet un peu fou de bande dessinée interactive, plusieurs internautes voient leurs personnages intégrés dans une compétition et doivent choisir comment avancer.

--Thelongblondhair VS Seikame--

format : Planches sur le site
avancement : Il semblerait qu'on ai calé, la participation d'un troisième voir quatrième dessinateur serait la bienvenue !
topo : Cadavre exquis où plusieurs persos interagissent, ici en l'occurence se tapent dessus et se déshabillent...


format : Planches, pas encore d'adresse
avancement : à l'arrêt. Scénario et designs bien avancés
topo : gros projet scénarisé, univers sérieux, entre sf et fantasy.


format : Jeu vidéo RPG, pas encore de démo disponible
avancement : en cours, quelques sprites faits chaques semaines
topo : Une sorte de fanart géant interactif, regroupant pas mal de dessineux que j'apprécie.

--Ashes to ashes--

format : Planches, pas encore d'adresse
avancement : en gestation, pas encore de scénario
topo : projet d'ampleur indéterminée, dans un univers un peu barge.
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Aujourd'hui, à la une des pages populaires de deviantart, il y a ceci.…

Un photographe, un bon photographe, même, qui propose de distribuer des points (monnaie d'échange payante sur ce site) si on aime sa page facebook, et qu'on laisse un commentaire dans son journal.

Plusieurs milliers de déviants se sont déjà rués dessus, je me contente de laisser un petit commentaire en me disant que l'auteur ne le verra probablement jamais, disant que sa galerie est très bien, mais que je n'aime pas la méthode qu'il emploie pour se faire de la promotion, donc que je n'ai pas aimé sa page facebook.

Commentaire qui n'est pas passé si inaperçu que ça puisque 5 minutes plus tard j'étais censuré, et on m'interdisait de poster quoi que ce soit de plus sur son journal, ou son profil. Bloqué quoi.

Alors mon cher Martin Stavars, tu devrais être content que je ne sois pas rancunier. Tu vois ? Je te fais même de la pub sur mon propre profil !

Non mais sérieusement quoi, les gens...


Today, on the first pages of deviantart, there is this.…

A photographer, a good photographer, even, that proposes to distribute points (currency exchange fee on this website) if you like his facebook page, and if you leave a comment in his diary.

Thousands of deviants have already flocked to it, I just leave a comment telling me that the author will probably never see it, saying that his gallery is great, but I do not like the method that he uses to make the promotion, so I did not like his facebook page.

This comment that has not gone so unnoticed because 5 minutes later I was censored, and I was forbidden to post anything more on his journal or his profile. Blocked by him.

Martin Stavars, you should be happy i'm not rancorous. See ? I even do a promotion for you on my profile !

Seriously, people...